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Star Trek Nemesis

I finally made it out to see Star Trek Nemesis on Saturday night. I think this is the first Trek movie since Star Trek 2 that I didn’t see on opening day. Let’s face it, Star Trek just isn’t that exciting anymore. In their attempt to maximize profits, Paramount et. al. have over milked the cow. They had their chance, but decided to rush Enterprise into production without giving the franchise some breathing room.

I do give them credit for taking an extra year to work on the latest feature film, but unfortunately the year seems to be wasted as Nemesis has the same general problem of Star Trek Insurrection. Overall, Nemesis is an above average episode of the Next Generation and that is it. I have stated this before in my other Trek reviews, but put simply, why have a movie if there are no consequences. If you are going to just make a glorified episode, then make a TV movie don’t make me waste $9. Back in the days of Kirk and Spock, a good feature film was one that had consequences. Take a look – why is Star Trek V not the best film? Nothing happens. At the end of the movie they are right back where they were before – and all in all it is just a glorified episode of the original series. Many people consider Search for Spock a weak movie, but it is still better than Nemesis. The pacing might be slow, but look, they lose the Enterprise, lose Kirk’s son, and get Spock back. Even Generations, in killing Kirk and blowing up the Enterprise-D has more to offer.

Nemesis is full of promise: Characters getting married, moving on to new assignments, and a few other twists and turns for our famed crew. It’s even an even numbered movie! Sadly, all the promise just never delivers to its full potential and we are all left at the end of the movie with this malaise of “Oh, Um, Ok I guess its over…” What makes matters worse is that Nemesis could have been a GREAT movie. All the elements are there: a decent villain, some kick ass battle sequences, Troi at the helm (remember what happened last time in Generations??). What happened? It was all emasculated by a lame ass B plot and some bad decisions in the script, and a lame ending. I’d love to go into greater detail, but I don’t wish to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. Maybe I’ll readdress the issue when it comes out on video.

Final rating **/**** – A great effort but sadly the victim of unrealized potential.