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Is it hot in here?

It’s been non-stop around here the last few days. the big story is the heat. It’s January right? Last time I checked the thermometer it was 85 degrees and I was wearing shorts and rolling up my sleeves at the park. All of my fellow cast members have been lulled into a zombie like state. After the cold-for-LA past couple of weeks and the record crowds, we were all a bit worn out. Now we are back to normal in the park and the nice warm weather just adds to the feeling that we are all on a little vacation. Soon enough, the crowds will return, but I for one, am going to enjoy it.

also had the chance to interview for a new position at the park on a new soon-to-be-premiering attraction based on a lovable bear with a honey fetish. If all goes well, I will have some good news to report soon and those of you wanting to see me in the park might have to veer left when entering the park instead of trudging straight ahead. **Fingers crossed**

The rest of my life has been a whirlwind these past few days, leaving little time for entry updates or other web design work. However, I finally registered my Dad’s domain name for his work – (I just registered it today so give it some time). Hopefully, I will get a chance to build something nice there soon.