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A Nail in the tire will do that

For the past week I have noticed that my left front tire has been losing air faster than a Winnie the Pooh ride vehicle trying to be pushed by a few Imagineers, some Attractions operators, and someone from custodial. I had suspected something was not quite right, but it wasn’t until I was coming out of Daniel’s house that I noticed the guilty nail. So off to Pep Boys to have it fixed. To amuse ourselves, Daniel and I headed over to the Big Lots! (nee Pic and Save) store and Baskin-Robbins for some sundae action.

Today, after working at HP Core, I headed over to Santa Monica to check the SeaGranite mail. It has been more than a few months since the last time I was over there (I think there was a flyer in the box for special hours for Labor Day), but I was glad I went in there when I did. Verisign has sent me some account information to help me manage my domain names that I needed to pick up soon since some of them are coming up for renewal. Also, I found out that my mailbox has a new owner and that I needed to sign some forms. Getting that out of the way, I think it might be time to relocate my box closer to home, especially if the ever-present, but never happened yet move to Orange County takes place.

It made me think of my old Edmunds days since Dave and I split the cost of the box and it made me think of my old Tellme site which I haven’t been able to fix for a long time. I have always wanted to automate it, and thanks to an epiphany and no help from the net, I finally created a Movable Type template to publish the latest entry update (the one on the homepage and available on Cell Phones) . This means you can now get the latest update via the Tell Me network all without me worrying about updating.

Ahem and apparently the cat is out of the bag, but I can’t tell specifics of it just yet. Let’s just say I was right about my interview going well and that I will be spending a lot of time playing with Mr. Sanders and his friends. Full details when permitted next week.