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Despite life’s little (or not so little as the case may be) setbacks and challenges, it never seems to catch up. So while I am still dealing with the issues surrounding the events of last week, I have been mondo-busy with work at the Pooh ride. In a way, I think it has been a good thing in that it has given me something to focus on, so that I do not sit around all day and feel sorry for myself. Bad news is that since finding an apartment last Sunday, I have done zero preparation for the move. I will start moving to Fountain Valley on Saturday, with a carload here and there throughout next week until the big furniture move next weekend.

Back to Pooh, this week has been a tad on the dull side, with the majority of the work testing various show faults. Some excitement rolled into town Wednesday and Thursday as the film crew showed up to film a 30 second TV spot titled “Pooh’s New Home”. It is a cute little commercial (at least according to the storyboards I saw), and I am sure I will well up with pride when I see it on TV. One of our favorite games was guess who was who in the crew by the way they were acting. I think our final score was about 85% correct. One crew member we met worked on Fear Factor so I decided to ask him what the grossest thing he saw was. Of course, it had nothing to do with the show, but rather an off night at a bar in San Bernardino, where the host of the show challenged someone on the crew to vomit into a glass and have his buddy drink from it. Nice lunch time conversation don’t you think?

I have also had a chance to catch a couple of movies this week: Final Destination 2 and Ringu, the original Japanese version of The Ring. FD2 was one of those lamely acted and dumb story movies that still had me peeking through my hands through a good part of it whereas Ringu just creeped me out. Really. Big Time. Especially the part where the lady crawls through the TV. Almost wet myself. Daniel reports that he liked the Japanese version better than the American version, despite the American version being even more intense in parts.

Internet will be spotty in the next week – I won’t be getting Cable Modem until next Friday. Hopefully my SBC (nee Pac Bell) dial up will last until then.