Home Life

I need my furniture!

I have spent the last few days living in my new apartment in Fountain Valley with the barest of essentials: a Futon mattress, all my clothes, some folding chairs, a laptop, a TV with no reception, a DVD player with a smattering of DVDs (including all of the Ab Fab episodes and Twin Peaks season 1 – thank goodness for Ab Fab or I would have gone insane) and my toiletries. Back at the old apartment, the rest of my possessions sat waiting to be loved. It made me realize the things that I truly miss and need, and what I need to just donate to Goodwill.

First, my larger TV and my TiVo. Man I can’t wait until the digital cable is installed on Friday. I also miss my regular bed. The futon is nice, but it is much firmer than my regular mattress so I can’t sleep on my side for too long. I wonder if the Futon will be able to serve well as a couch. I can envision me getting a new one at a later date. I also miss my big computer and desk. The laptop has also been a sanity-saver, but the dial-up connection is hard to get used to after having DSL for so long.

Other than that, I really didn’t miss much of the stuff I have around the house (of course until I came back today and was like awwww I miss you to all my stuff). I have mentioned before that I really want to get rid of a lot of junk I have stashed in closets here and there and there is no better time than the present to do so. I almost wish there was a dumpster outside the window so I could just drop it and not look back. With time running out before the movers get here, I need to get going on the paring.