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Lots and Lots of Boxes

So moving is a pain. Not that it should be a surprise to anyone. But you see, for every year you live in a place, the degree of difficulty multiples on a logarithmic scale. Actually, as I look around my place, I think I have done OK. One of the casualties of the move is the white Steelcase desk I picked up at the UCD Bargain Barn back in 1996 (Sorry Peggy – she let me and Darren move it in her old Blazer back in the days). I am excited about getting a smaller computer station, especially one with good placement for the keyboard and mouse. The way I will have my dining room configured is that it will end up being a combo dining area and office. I just need to make sure there is additional room for my still-in-the-box scanner.

I am still trying to put together my entertainment center. I’ve been to the local Fry’s (closer than the one in Burbank was to my old apartment), and I’m trying to go completely S-Video. The biggest item I need to hook up is the TiVO. It will require running a super long phone cable, so I am still trying to track it down in my boxes of cable. My deadline is Thursday so that I won’t miss an episode of Survivor.

Ya know, things have been so chaotic in my personal life that I didn’t even realize just how close the Academy Awards are – only a few days away! I might have to break from tradition and not post my annual prediction list – heck I haven’t even seen Chicago! I did manage to see the American version of the Ring and I can honestly say it was not nearly as good as the Japanese version. I want to see Dark Water which is a recent movie by the Japanese director of Ringu. Dan managed to see it, and hopefully he can score me a copy.

I have the cable modem hooked up to the laptop and that is my only contact with the outside world. It is connected via a USB port which I think is contributing to my perception that it is slower than my DSL. When I get the network up and running, I’m hoping that things will move faster, and that I’ll be able to sit out on the patio, enjoy a nice beverage, and surf the web.

Maybe I’ll even resurrect the web cam.

That’s all for now, I’m hoping to return to more frequent updates soon!