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Today is the day

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my nice new refrigerator. The phone just rang and it will be here in about 30 minutes. I have no idea why I am so excited about a fridge. Maybe because its my first major appliance. Sure, I have bought toasters before, and my brother bought me a microwave when I moved to Chico, but nothing on this scale before. Of course, I have bought a few cars, but this is different. Now tonight, I can go out to the grocery store and stock up. Somehow, I think my poor fridge will feel under-utilized. Thankfully, I still know how to shop for myself since when I was living with Roger we still bought our own food.

Tonight after stocking the fridge, I am going over to my Dad to help him get a new car (see even after almost two years since I worked for Edmunds, people still ask me to help them out). He put a deposit down on a Honda Element. Yep, my dad who has always owned either a muscle car or a Suburban or some other GM truck has decided to get an Element. I think he just likes the fact he can get an Orange car to remind him of his GMC truck from the ’70s. Maybe it is the gas mileage. Or maybe its the fact that its almost the same vehicle as my (and Sarah’s too) CR-V. I know he doesn’t like the road noise in my CR-V, so I guess the Element is quieter.

Last night, Daniel and I watched 2001’s High Heels and Low Lifes with Minnie Driver. Daniel claims it is one of his favorite movies of all time. I wouldn’t rank it in my top 20, but it was a fun movie to watch.

UPDATE: You can see the fridge here! It’s nice and quiet and you gotta love the new fridge smell.