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On T-Zones and Elements

It only took us three hours at the Honda dealer last night – I think it was a record for me. Usually I will sit there and haggle the last penny on the price, but Dad was not in the mood and instead of getting free running boards and mud flaps, we ended up with only a roof rack. I tried to explain to the salesman that he could just increase our trade in to cover it, but Dad just kept saying OK. Next time he waits outside. He chose the orange one after hesitating and considering the blue one. I told him I liked the blue one better, but in the end I told him he was going to have to drive around in it, not me.

Last Friday (isn’t that the name of a movie?), I picked up a new Motorola T720i from T-Mobile. I was really impressed with their pricing on the calling plans, and of the overwhelming deals they had on the phones. Originally, I wanted to see the Nokia phone with the full-motion video camera, but the deal on the T720i was too good to pass up. The phone also came with a camera (which I used to take the picture of the fridge yesterday. I wasn’t expecting much – maybe along the lines of the eye module pictures that Andy took with his Visor a few years back. So far I am happy with the quality.

My biggest problem so far was the fact I accidentally deleted all the forwarding information over the weekend so my voicemail was disabled. The only other glitch is that T-Mobile is having issues with their My TZones service. I can’t register on the website and without that service, I can’t get the cool ringtones and the ability to import custom pics for wallpaper on the phone screen (Club Josh wallpaper anyone?).

Tonight, I make my last trip to the old apartment to do the walkthrough and to get my vacuum. It will be a bit nostalgic, but all in all I am glad to be in the new place (even if I couldn’t find the box with the DVDs until yesterday evening).