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Angels, Madonna, and Identity

Last Thursday, I finally made it out to a baseball game. I think it was the first one since at least 2000, when I went to the Dodger game with my dad when he still had tickets. I saw the Angels take on the Yankees, and I think I was in the Yankee section. Apparently, the Yankees have a large following in Orange County, and all of the single game tickets were bought by them.

Thankfully, the Angels won the game 6-2 so I didn’t have to listen to much rejoicing from them. While there, I took a picture of the game with the cell-phone cam. It turned out OK, but I think I will be relying on my digital camera for the time being, thank you very much.

In entertainment news, I picked up the new Madonna CD “American Life”. I heard two tracks off of the album before I bought it and liked them both. After a couple of listens it seems like a good album. I really like “Die Another Day”, so I know that there is at least one jam song on it. I think my favorite Madonna album is “Ray of Light”. There are so many songs on the album that mean a lot to me. I say that because when I listen to certain tracks, I really get into them – specifically “Power of Goodbye” and “Nothing Really Matters”. I guess I like the more mature Madonna (post Evita) than the earlier one. I think I like “Immaculate Collection” because it has the best of her early albums in one place. She has a Greatest Hits Volume 2 out, but for me it doesn’t have nearly as good selection as the first one. One more Madonna note: She has a really good web site. I think I’d like to do something like that for my Charo site.

In movie news, I went to see “Identity” last night. It actually was a good creepy thriller until they let you in on what was really happening. At that point it just seemed silly, including the “twist” ending.

Is it me or are there a lot of “quotes” in this update?