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Brad Edwards and I

Brad Edwards and I go way back to January 14, 1995. It was a dark and stormy night in Davis. I had just moved back there after a brief stint at Cal State Chico in graduate school. My grandfather had died just a month earlier. For the first time in awhile I was alone and without a job. A group of us set out that night filling out applications for the Park Service – specifically to work as park rangers in Denali National Park. Our friend Steven had done it before and extolled how much fun it was to sit in a little kiosk selling park admission passes every now and then and enjoying all the scenery.

So there we were that night filling out the applications and watching “The Weather Channel”. Brad was on that night doing another outstanding job. Then IT happened. We all looked at each other in amazement. We called The Weather Channel. Years went by, and we never knew if we really saw what we did. We still laugh about it.

Flash forward to 2003. On a random thought, I decided to look up and see if I could find Brad. Turns out, he is the chief meteorologist at a station in Des Moines, Iowa.

The following is the e-mail I sent him and below you will find his reply:
Hi Brad,
On January 14, 1995, my friends and I were filling out applications for the to be park rangers at Denali National Park in Alaska. We were running up against the deadline the next day and were up late into the night watching the Weather Channel for inspiration. Also, it was raining heavily and flooding and so we were watching the radar. You were on that night and we all were enamored with your work and the consensus was that you were the best on that night.
At one point during the night, you went to commercial and some lady sat on your desk. As the camera pulled back, it appeared that you fell out of the chair and the lady took off running. Now imagine our surprise when this happened. We were so worried about you that we called the Weather Channel and only got the machine. For eight years we have wondered about that night and what really happened. Can you shed any light on it?
I am glad that we have found you working and healthy in Des Moines. You are still one of our favorite weather personalities, even after all these years.
Hope to hear from you,
You California fans,
Josh, Susie, Wendy, and Matt

Here was his response:
Hi Josh, Susie, Wendy and Matt!
WOW! I am completely floored (again!) that you remember that pratfall. I hear that it was pretty funny watching it live that night. I guess I was just in a goofy mood that night….my director (the one handing me a paper) didn’t even know what I was going to do. We both knew that we had this live bump shot coming up, so she wanted to come out into the studio and be on camera. The last time she came out and handed me a piece of paper, I wadded it up and threw it back at her. So I guess I thought I had to outdo that little antic. I am so glad you took the time to write me about this. Also, thank you for your kind words.
I left TWC because both my wife and I are from Iowa. Both our families are here in the Midwest. It wasn’t an easy decision though. I really liked TWC and the climate of Atlanta- not a fan of long, cold winters! I have always thought that if I was ever looking for another job, I might give TWC a call again. I left on good terms.
Again thank you for your email! You have made my day!
Brad Edwards
The Clumsy One!”

To Brad, with Love. You will always have a special place in our hearts.