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Sun Rising over the Matterhorn

My first and last grad night of the year is in the book. Quite a bit different experience of working the Matterhorn instead of the routes. Definitely busier, though easier as a cast member. Most people listened to what they were told and we only had to kick a few people out of line for smoking or trying to be cool and put their feet up in the sleds. It’s all mostly a blur – like I forgot to go home after a long shift and the next thing I know it’s 7am.

I really don’t know what to say about this link, other than I think it’s fun for the whole family. You decide.

I purchased Charo’s “Bailando con Charo” album off of eBay to complete my Charo record collection. Still need to get some of the singles, and of course now I need to get a record player so I can transfer the files to MP3 and make CD’s out of them. I also can creat nice 30 second sound clips for the Charo section.