Home Life

A little bit of shopping

I really hate clothes shopping. Well, I actually like the shopping part, but I rarely find something that I actually want, and when I do, I usually get two or three of the same thing to save me from doing more shopping. Today, I picked up a couple of shirts at Old Navy. One of them, I had been eyeballing the last few times I went in there, and it was on sale. I liked it so much, I got the same shirt in a different color. Now, originally, I went in there to look at shorts, but I didn’t like the pocket openings on their shorts. I don’t think I have particularly big hands, but I hate it when the openings are too small. I like to lug around my keys, a wallet, a cell phone, and sometimes a pen in my pockets so things can get crowded fast. That’s why I like big pockets.

Before stopping in Old Navy, I wandered around Tower and managed to make it to the book section. I noticed a new issue of Travel+Leisure and it made me yearn for my subscription to show up. Hopefully, next month it will be here. I did see the new Star Trek Voyager Companion, which in just a quick skim, seemed completely useless. The DS9 Companion is chock full of behind the scenes information as well as the usual summary and production notes. The Voyager one just has plot summaries and a breakdown of different info related to the Trek universe that is created in each episode. The information is cool, but without the behind the scenes on each episode it left me feeling a little flat.

Next stop, Fry’s. Just a quick wanderlust around before I headed home. I really, really want a DVD burner and a way to convert all my home movies. Badly.

I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow for the 4th. I work in the morning, but it’s the first time in a long time that I have nothing to do. I’m usually at Disneyland at night for the fireworks, but I’m not going to stick around an extra four hours just to see them. Maybe I’ll pick up some OT.