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Dropping Like Flies

Fourth of July was a bit kick back. For the first time in ages, I wasn’t working and didn’t have plans for the gala celebration, so I sat at home and listened to the fireworks setting off all the car alarms. I did manage to catch some of the fireworks on TV, but after a long day in the sun, I was content to sit inside and go to bed early.

Saturday, I was rewarded with a nice day off and a party at a friend’s place. It was mainly Matterhorn peeps, but it was a nice medium size get together with all the booze you could drink. After my experience at Daniel’s party, I decided to take it easy, which upon hindsight was a good idea since I had to be at The Many Adventures at 7:45a yesterday. I seem to be falling into my old habits. If I have a long 8 hour shift in the daytime, I spend a good portion of the evening sleeping it off. Sometimes, it wreaks havoc – like forcing me to wake up at 3am, but other times it pays off in that the next shift I have, I am not tired and tend to enjoy work more.

Is it me, or have some big celebrities been dropping like flies lately. First it was David Brinkley, then Hume Cronyn, then Gregory Peck, then Katherine Hepburn, then Buddy Hackett, then Barry White, and now Buddy Epsen. I think summer is particularly hard on celebrities. Usually you can count on three every other month or so, but this month it’s been open season. Mind you most of the celebs were up there in age, but Buddy Hackett and Barry White has a few more years left in them.