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All packed and ready to go

Many things have changed since the last time I went to Walt Disney World, and the funny thing is that my access to the internet is worse than it was back then. In 2000, I was able to post my diaries every day to the web site along with pictures from the trip. This year, I don’t have a dial-up connection at all. I am going to try and use AOL or something to try and log on. Also, I am bringing my network card just in case there is a wireless access point somewhere near by. Then again, I might just use the laptop for storing the pictures I am going to take and enjoy the trip. I took over 600 pictures in Europe last November (and where are those trip diaries? It is a long story but to be brief I can’t find my travel journal and notes from the trip – they are in a box somewhere!) and I’m thinking I might just top that.

I have mixed feelings about this trip, something akin to the ones I had before the Europe 1998 trip, a feeling that not much was well planned before the trip (I like to be prepared and have an idea of what I want to do before I go). I am sure things will be fine, but I remember the last time I took a long trip with some friends, so hopefully things will be better.

In an effort to focus on the positive, I give you my list of things I am looking forward to:
Giving a opening crew photo of DL’s Pooh ride to the crew of WDW’s Pooh ride
Making friends and trying to get a tour backstage
Tower of Terror
Mission Space (hopefully better than the Mission Tortilla thing at DCA)
Test Track
Space Mountain (that one is for Daniel – its all he can talk about)

So I will try and post some cool things to the site while I am gone, but in case it doesn’t happen, just mosey over to the Walt Disney World 2000 Trip Diary. Enjoy the old style before the redesign that will debut when I get back!