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Work Progresses

I have finished sorting the photos into their appropriate theme parks. Here are the preliminary totals (before deleting blurry or duplicate shots):
Animal Kingdom: 159
Disney MGM Studios:102
EPCOT: 201
Magic Kingdom: 249 (note these also include Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party so there are a few duplicates)

That is 711 photos of Walt Disney World, the other 170 or so are Sea World and Islands of Adventure. I will get to those last. When is 711 not enough? When you realize that you still have a few gaps in your photos. I am going to go through Daniel’s photos to see if he can help fill them in (for instance, I know he has some good Fantasyland shots that I don’t have). Also, he has more shots of me than I do, and likewise, I have more shots of him. Needless to say it is going to be sometime before everything is all neat and pretty.

I have decided to do the photos at 800×600, but I might have to go to 600×450 depending on how much space it takes up. The raw files are over 1GB and that would most certainly eat up my entire web space allotment. Darn that technology anyway!!

Yesterday was a good day at work. It felt nice to be back – albeit a bit weird. When I went for lunch, I went by the castle at Disneyland and thought man, it is short!! I know their castle is around 180 feet or so tall which would make it around 30 feet taller than the Matterhorn. One can only imagine how tall the Matterhorn would be if it was at the MK in Florida.
One last note: I updated the photo on the main page, I hope you like it!