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Comment Spam

I guess my web site has reached a certain level of popularity. I have started to get spammed in the comments of my Daily Update entries. I have been able to keep on top of them thanks to the IP banning feature in Movable Type, but it is still a pain. There has to be a batch comment editor feature of MT, I just haven’t found it yet.

The past week has been a busy one. Last weekend was my first new hire training at the Pooh ride. Turns out we had 5 total trainees and three trainers. It was a madhouse trying to get things taught. In the end with all the ride breakdowns and mass chaos, I had to bring in three of the trainees on Monday to finish up. I think it helped them build their self confidence on the ride and in the long run will make them better cast members.

Next week, I start update training for three days at the Pooh ride for some new procedures that are being rolled out at both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. Should be a fun three days. Next weekend it is more update training. I love training – I wish I did more of it. In other work news, there are rumblings again about an opportunity for me to do something I have wanted to do for sometime. No details yet, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.

The other night I couldn’t sleep and discovered that my PDA site works on my Motorola T720 phone. I’m thinking that the simple HTML is the way to go. I guess I’ll add that to the list of things to do for the web site. Man it is getting long. The other day I tried to sit down and hammer out more of the new Trip Diaries site with no luck. I just don’t have the motivation. I work better on the site at night – and the way things are going, I might just have more night time to myself so we will see. Back to the new Mobile site: I can easily produce simpler versions of my entire site using SSIs and converting select graphics to GIF format. My phone doesn’t like JPG at all. In the meantime, I have added this pic to my background of my cell phone.