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The sudden popularity of the Gorn Page

Yesterday, I was rummaging through the web stats on the site and discovered a huge boost in traffic to the Gorn Page as of October 15. I was really baffled as to the cause. I know that Google has posted The Gorn Page as the No. 2 site when you do a web search for ‘gorn’. Every now and then I see a spike due to Google placement, but this one was way off of the charts. It reminded me of the spike in the Charo traffic in August of 2001, so I decided to look around in my directories. I stumbled on an old log file program that I thought I had deleted from all of my pages, but I inadvertently left it on of all pages – The Gorn Page!

Turns out, the Gorn Page was posted to a couple of high-profile link sites namely Presurfer, Milk and Cookies, and Web Junkie. All three sites are cool sites that I have added to my daily surfing around the web. It is amazing that the Gorn Page has been around since 1995 (one of the original sections of Club Josh) and 8 years later it has returned to the top of the traffic heap. Originally, the Gorn Page was the top, then Disneyland Paris, then Charo, and now back to The Gorn Page – tho Charo and DLP (thanks to updates and expansion) are still up there.

While surfing on Web Junkie, I found a like to a site where you can make your own personalized action figure. It looks expensive, but wouldn’t it be neat to see the Gorn AND Josh travel the world?