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Holidays are a comin’

Despite my amazement at its speed, November keeps rolling along. It is getting near to Turkey Day, and this year I am off to Phoenix for a quick overnight to visit Mom. Kevin’s birthday is also next week, so I will be able to give him his present in person for once. It has been awhile since I’ve spent Thanksgiving in Arizona – my schedule at Disneyland rarely permits me to make family functions. This year, I planned ahead and made sure I had my shift requests in. I was a bit hesitant to fly over there for just a quick overnight stay – especially since we are all going to New York the following week, but it actually works out since we will be able to plan our trip a bit better.

I can’t believe the New York trip is almost here. Heck, I booked it way back in August and it seems like so long ago. Some of the details are already leaking out as to what we are going to do. The day after we arrive, we are going to a taping of “The View” so set your TiVos and VCRs for Thursday December 4 and you might see me on TV! Other trip highlights planned are a visit to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes, a trip to the Statue of Liberty (gotta get those Gorn shots), the WTC site, The Empire State Building, and hopefully a brief trip across the river to New Jersey so I can add another state to my list.

Behind the scenes here at Club Josh, I have been working on a new version of the site called ‘Club Josh Lite Edition’. It is essentially the PDA site, but with more content from the Gorn Page and I am not sure if it will become a new PDA site or if it will live on its own. The Mobile site is pretty much dead since it was built in HDML. I still support it when it needs some work, but most phones don’t support it. As I have mentioned before, I’d like to convert Mobile to a WML site, but my brain is having problems decoding it. Meanwhile, my phone (and I suspect a whole heckuva lot of others) read simple HTML, and it would be nice to have one Lite version accessible for both Wireless PDA and Web-enabled phones. The biggest issue is of course screen size and trying to add some graphics to the site (and links to pics). If I stick to separate sites, I can optimize one for PDA screens and the other for Mobile screens. Right now, I am testing it all in a separate directory. Do you have a web-enabled phone? Let me know and you can test the site for me.

One last holiday note: Rumblings are loud and positive from all around, but there are some negatives floating out there. If I can make a good impression tomorrow, then I might get an extra special gift this Holiday season. Full details when available (hopefully before Turkey Day!)