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Its nice to take a break

Yesterday was my first day off since I got back from New York and I used it to sleep in and get some much needed Holiday shopping done. I also managed to watch One Hour Photo with Daniel. I also managed to get most of my holiday cards out in the mail on Wednesday, save for my two overseas cards which must be taken into the Post Office. The good thing is that both people are away for the holidays and will get there cards when they get home.

My first two lead shifts were pretty interesting. I like being the night lead better so far. Just so much to do when you open the attraction and then the adjustments you have to make when people are late or call in sick. Most of these issues are dealt with by the time the night lead starts, but occasionally it can be hectic as well. Next week I have two long night lead shifts which should be fun. I also get to train this weekend – something I have not done in over a month. Right now, my schedule is pretty optimal – a little bit of everything. The only improvement is if there was another attraction to give me a nice once in a while break from the Pooh ride. But I am not complaining!

I was disappointed to hear that they have already selected the main lead for the new Buzz attraction heading for Tomorrowland. I was hoping that they would wait a year or so. That way, I would have a shot at it. Right now, I am just focused on learning more about being a lead so I can get good at it and not be so harried when things go awry.

Mice posted on his site that he got a nice new CRV. Looks like the EX model with the tinted windows. It has two things I wish mine had – the tinted windows and the All-Wheel Drive. Maybe on my next one!