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I think Charo is jealous of the Gorn

The traffic to the Gorn site is slowly returning to normal as people move on to other cool sites of the day. The page is still drawing about 3 times as many hits as before and hopefully the people will decide to explore other areas of the site. When I was checking the stats for the site, I discovered that the Charo Discography page was through the roof. So far this month, this page has drawn over 9,000 hits alone. I thought maybe it was being linked on someone’s page, but that kind of traffic is way over what even the Gorn page did back in October. I added Dave’s Log file generator to the page and within minutes I had my answer: Google.

A Google Search for “Santa Clause” comes up with the album cover for Charo’s “Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Clause”. Since the file name is santaclause.jpg, Google is having a field day with it. It currently shows up as the third item on the page. I bet people are a bit puzzled when they are searching for Santa and find Charo. I suspect interest and traffic will drop sharply after the holidays, but hey, maybe some more people will visit the site.

In shaking news, there was a M6.5 earthquake centered near the central coast city of Cambria near Hearst Castle and Morro Bay. I felt it way down here in Orange County, and a quick IM tree found that Mice felt it in the Bay Area and Susie really felt it in Santa Barbara. Her brother felt it the most since he was in San Luis Obispo. He reported that his refrigerator moved significantly and things were thrown about the apartment. Susie and I were both frustrated when we had to get back to work and not get to spend the whole day following quake coverage. I actually was off to visit the relatives for some early gift swappin’ since my grandmother will be out of town on Christmas.

Speaking of which, I still have a ton of shopping to do tomorrow before work. I also want to see Return of the King, since I finished the super-long Extended cut of Two Towers on Sunday. So much to do, so little time!