Club Josh

So Long Web Side Story

Apparently, decided to discontinue their free web stats tool. According to their site, they sent out emails, but since I have been with them since August 27, 1997, I am sure they sent it to the wrong address. Bad News? Five years of data is down the drain. I’m not sad because it was something neat to look at, but I never followed it closely. Also, since I started in 1999 I have had server stats anyways. The good news is that my main issue with migrating all the photos to gallery has been resolved. I no longer need to worry about stats tracking. I have managed to remove all of those annoying casino banners with the exception of some of the old Gorn and Party photo galleries. Since I will be migrating, I decided not to sit here and go through each gallery. Of course If I am surfing on the site I will be sure to remove it when I see it. I also managed to quickly update my Jarre collection. Man, that section needs some TLC!!