Club Josh

Gorn Conversion

All of the Gorn Photos are now in the Gallery program. It was so easy to do now that I am not concerned with having a unique identifier on each page. I did archive all of the old HTML files just in case I need to refer to them at a later date. I think they look so much better with the bigger thumbnails that part of me wants to go and remaster some of the older photos to a bigger size. Oh well. I did have to re-do the Walt Disney World 2000 photos because they were just linking to the photos in the Trip Diaries section to save space. This will make posting Gorn photos that much quicker and easier.

I am now wondering what to do with the Trip Diaries site. I need to redesign and move photos around over there, but it is such a huge undertaking. What is worse, I have an idea for it, but something about it just isn’t right. I have a weird way of designing web pages. I tinker and tinker, then put it away, then tinker some more, and then eventually it goes on the site. There is the rare occasion where I will get an idea and hammer it out in a day, but the last time that happened was in with the redesign of the home page. Speaking of which, mine is beginning to look retro-cool since it has been on the site for almost 2.5 years. I’d re-do it, but I like it so much. I have some gurgles in the back of my mind on where I’d like to see it go.

One of the consequences of all the changes is that you might find an old link somewhere that won’t work. Let me know if you find any!