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Wet Cal

Nothing like a rainy weekend in LA to set the world on its ear. You see everyone here has forgotten what it is like to drive in the rain. As a result, they all drive the same speed and get in some spectacular accidents. Here at the apartment complex, a lake forms around my parking spot so that I need to jump or walk the long way around in order to get from the car to the apartment. At work, it wasn’t raining hard enough to make the ride stop, just enough to get everyone cold and wet. This is alarming to me because with the secret trip coming up in three weeks, the last thing I want to do is get sick. I have started on the Echinacea and vitamins and will soon add the Vitamin C/Zinc combo to my regiment so that I can avoid anything. I’m also trying to get to bed earlier. (Not really working tonight though…)

One bright spot this weekend was today when I was at Load, I got to escort Cal Ripken onto the ride. Pretty cool – it was nice to have a group that was organized and not prone to breaking the ride down. I also got to see Lev and family at the park today. It was the first time I had seen the newest addition to the family. I certainly wish we all got a chance to get together more often.

One more Gorn note – according to the Gallery program, there are currently 399 Gorn photos on the site!! (actually 404 since there are 5 in the AV Day 2003 Gallery I haven’t copied over yet…)