Hong Kong Disneyland

I had the extreme pleasure of giving an attraction overview of the Pooh Ride to the Documentation Coordinator for Hong Kong Disneyland. You see, our Pooh ride is being exported over to HK, and as the Core Trainer at the ride, I got the honors. She was a very nice lady who had a good time, despite being a bit overwhelmed by all the information. After three hours, I managed to get a business card and after I mentioned that I was planning on going to Hong Kong after the park opened, she told me to call her when I was there – very cool! Hopefully, they will be looking for trainers to go to the park and help with the opening and I might get a chance. Suuure..

The countdown continues – just over two weeks until the secret vacation. Still a bit nervous and unsure, but thanks to all the sites and books I have been reading, I think I have a good handle on what I want to do when I am there. Jonathan will be a big help giving us an orientation of the city while we are there. Oh, and its a-rainin’ again here in LA. Notice how I said ‘a-rainin’ the ‘a’ prefix indicates a large event is happening – or should I say a-happening?