Home Life

9 out of 10

Last night at work, I was in rotation sending a break for someone. I was loading some guests and after I had closed the third door on the beehive, the guest asked if they could sit in the back row. So I reached down and unlatched the door. Somehow, when I was removing my left ring finger, it got caught. So when I tried to pull it out, I jammed it real bad. It’s all black and blue now and hurts and throbs all the time. I have been taking some Advil and icing it every couple of hours or so, but man it hurts.

I decided to stay home from work today so I could ice it on a regular basis. Hopefully, I will be OK to go back to work tomorrow. I will try and get a pic of my mangled finger up here. The sucky part is that it takes forever to type so no captioning for awhile on the site.