Club Josh / Disney

13 hours of fun

Sunday I managed to pick up some extra OT on the Pooh ride. I started out at 10:30 am (after closing till 1am the night before) and ended up staying until 12 midnight. I didn’t mind, but it really zapped me. Today I was a walking zombie and when I got home crashed. I am fortifying myself with Emergen-C and Echinacea to ward off any evil spirits that might have caught up with me.

Tuesday is a big day – Minnie’s Moonlight Madness around Disneyland after dark. Our team is back from last year – Daniel, Tiffany, Alex, and me. We are hoping to have fun and finish higher than 54th. We are also looking to beat David’s team and a few others – just for bragging rights. Hopefully we won’t crash and burn too badly.

On the Club Josh front, I have almost decided to get a virtual dedicated server. It will cost 20 bucks more a month, but will allow me more flexibility with my domains as well as more than doubling the HD server space. Drawback? I will have to set up all the galleries and MT again. I think I am going to mull it over a bit longer before I make my mind up. I might just redo the entire site and one day switch it over. I just have to be careful and not pull an Edmunds and try and do it all at once.