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Minne Recap and Dark Water

So our team competed in the annual Minnie’s Moonlight Madness through Disneyland. We stumbled out of the gate due to some really poor acoustics in the Fantasyland Theater. I can’t imagine that the Snow White musical sounds very good at all. A good time was had by all – especially once we broke down and got Alex his cupcakes. we ended up 163 – a steep drop from last year, but we chalk it up to our more relaxed attitude this year. We got whipped by Daniel’s brother who finished 43rd, but I bet we had more fun.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered Dark Water – the Japanese film by the director of Ringu – Hideo Nakata. The eBay auction said that the DVD was Region Free and from Hong Kong. Well two weeks later, I am the proud owner of a Region 3 (Japan and Asia) version of the film. It was only $10, but not being one to waste money, I scoured the internet for some file utilities to help me out. Sure enough, I found some programs that can make backup copies of your DVDs (something I am concerned about with esp. some of my out of print and hard to find movies). Add to that the Nero program to burn DVDs, I now have a Region Free backup of my DVD.

Daniel and I have been itching to watch it ever since we sat through the first Ring movie and the sequel last year. We popped the movie in to the player and it seems to be work. We didn’t watch the whole thing yet, we are gonna wait for the pizza and the darkness of night in order to get real scared. I’ll post a review later.