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Busy or just lazy?

The week has just flown by, and I’m not sure if I have been too busy to post or just plain lazy. I suspect that reality is somewhere in between. One notable event this week was on Tuesday. I was screening the DVD of The Core when Mother Nature decided to let loose with a M5.1 49 miles west of Tijuana – quite the special effect. It reminded me of the time I was flying back from Europe and was watching Star Trek First Contact and the plane was shaking during the battle sequences.

Another thing that has been throwing me off is the alternating of day and night shifts. It seems scheduling can’t make up their minds on what they want me to do. Last week I had almost all day shifts and next week is almost all night shifts. I just hope that I will start pulling some nice relaxing river shifts soon before I forget how to do the whole thing.

Oh and if you have ever wanted a Club Josh license plate frame for your car, they are now available in the store.