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Thunderbirds are Go!

Scouring the support groups I found out the Outlook-Thunderbird conversion sucks, but the Outlook Express-Thunderbird conversion is good. So a quick conversion and I’m off in Thunderbird. It does some great things like auto filtering out junk mail (though it is not perfect). Just in case, I still have Outlook installed and have made backups of all the data.

I’m loving Firefox still – no major issues and the tab browsing that Cooper and Andy have pointed out is super cool. Now I can have all of my sites I need to close fast in one spot. Not that I need to minimize anything, but if I did, it is there.

Today there was a site to behold in the cast member parking lot. Two people in Merchant Sailor outfits changing a tire. It appears that the new road construction on the street that I take to work claimed my tire. So my lead Kris helped me change the tire (I owe you a dinner – either that or a rubberized mallet). I think now might be a good idea to take Dad up on his offer for some new tires. Whatever I end up doing, I need to get the spare tire back on the back of my car cuz it looks just plane silly.