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Summertime and the Living is Easy

Been a slow week. But here are some tidbits:

Amazing Race is back! Version 5 is off and running in Uruguay. So far they have a good group of teams, although I don’t think it is fair to have a former Big Brother contestant on the show – it eats up spaces for the rest of us to try to get.

Watched Johnny English on DVD the other night. It was funny in spots and was a pleasant diversion for a few hours. It is sort of how I imagine what would happen if I were a secret agent.

Had a great time with Tiffany and Daniel on Saturday night – so much so we are going again soon.

Dome to Dome Twice is almost done with the editing phase, just need some titles and the menu design and its set to go – I don’t think I’ll have a problem hitting the early August release date.

I hope things stay mundane for a bit, it is nice not to have much to fret over.
Oh – here is something to ponder (and hopefully comment on): What would you spend $700 on if you didn’t need it for bills/rent/crack or any other responsible thing. DVDs? Speakers? Digital Camcorder? Travel? The mind boggles..