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Tokyo Text

I finally got around to updating the captions to my Tokyo Disney Resort photos. Now all I need to do is finish those pesky Animal Kingdom ones from 2003. I’m also in the process of upgrading my four installs of gallery to version 1.4.4. I’ve finished the Club House and the Disneyland Paris galleries – I just have the Gorn and Trip Diaries galleries to go. So if you happen upon the site and notice the photos are all goofy, now you know why.

V 1.4.4 of Gallery offers some cool new things like the ability to integrate gallery into a php site. If only I was a good php programmer, the galleries would look neat-o.

Also – I have some new photos of the Gorn at the San Diego Wild Animal Park from last week, as well as some more photos of the Mark Twain and Columbia to post. I thought I wouldn’t see the Twain for awhile, but lo and behold, I have three Twain shifts on the new schedule. Just when you think you know what scheduling is going to give you, they throw you a curve ball. So keep your eyes posted, I should have them up soon.