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New Tires

Swapped out the tires that came with my CR-V with some top of the line Michelin’s. Man what a difference it makes on the road. I now have a much smoother ride and now don’t fear that I am going to slide through an intersection in the rain. I always remember when I had the Accord and was working at Edmunds and I almost slid halfway into an intersection in West LA. Quite the scary feeling.

I set up my aunt’s laptop for my grandma yesterday. We were going to get signed up with AOL. Everything was going good, until it said it needed 340 minutes to download updates to the software. Who are they kidding? You mean to tell me that before you can even use the service you have to spend over 6 hours waiting? It seems excessive and overwhelming with someone who is not familiar with computers. Now we are looking at other options.

Part of my Grandma’s difficulty is that the laptop is Windows 2000 so you have to log into it. I think if it was XP or 98 and it loaded directly into the desktop, it would be a tad easier. I told her just to practice logging in and out and then we would have a more in depth lesson later.