I’ve got the bug

Yeah I admit I have it. I have a jones to go somewhere again, but I can’t figure out where. I have 10 days off in October near my birthday that was going to be for one thing, but now it needs to be used for another (its a long story). So I have narrowed it down to basically three trip options. One is the reasonable, don’t spend a lot of money trip. One is the trip I have always dreamed of, and the third is a cool place that I’ve wanted to go to for about three days.

Now naturally, most sane people would be telling me “Go on your dream trip!” My only problem with that is time and money. Since I only have 10 days, I think I’d be rushed to see everything that I’d want to see. The problem with the reasonable trip is that it might be too late to see the best stuff in the area – and let’s face it, it is a domestic trip and if you have the opportunity to go international, then I say go international!! The three day desired trip’s main drawback is that it is to foreign language speaking area that would be great if I was with someone (matter of fact Nathan mentioned if he was still jobless he wouldn’t mind tagging along).

So we shall see where the wanderlust will take me. I just know I want to get away. Of course, I could just go buy a box of Calgon and take a bath. Naaaa.