Good Timing

Today was a day of good timing. I headed over to the park today to check out the new Haunted Mansion Holiday as well as partake in a pizza and sundae bar event for West Side CMs that was held by Indiana Jones. When I finished riding the Mansion, I ran into Andy (someone I work with on the Boats). We chatted for a bit, and then when we parted ways, I ran into Mice and Wendy and Baby who are in town for the Mansion event. We chatted for a bit then I headed to the event backstage. When I arrived, I ran into Vishal who was just showing up. So we ate and chatted and then rode Indy to check out the new snake they installed a few days ago – looks nice!

After Indy, I ran into a bunch of people from the Pooh ride and then decided to head down to Laguna Beach to see Jason on his last day at the shop he was working at down there. When I arrived, he was just leaving to go have lunch. We hung out for a bit and then I headed home. Pretty nice that I caught everyone at the right time!

I wandered over to Fry’s this afternoon and discovered they no longer sell 8mm camcorders (just Digi-8 and Mini DV). I am still trying to find a camera so I can digitize the 4 tapes I have from Tahiti and Hawaii. I might just break down and send them off to get converted.