Holiday Party 2004

One of the best perks of working at the park is that it is also the same place we hold our company Holiday party. I’m sure its a bigger perk for people who work at ABC or at the Studios, but even on my fourth holiday party, I still enjoy it.

This year’s event was a bit wet as there was a light drizzle the whole night. I did get to go on the Matterhorn in these conditions, which is my favorite since it looks like it is snowing a you ride down the mountain. We went with most of the same crew from last year’s party with just a few substitutions here and there. It was nice to have Tiffany’s Mom with us – she provided the best soundtrack on Indiana Jones which made it an even better ride. It was actually the first time on Indy and Mansion at DL since I returned from Tokyo Disneyland. The more I think about it, I think I like DisneySea’s Indy a bit better – at least in terms of smoke effects. I do wish TDS had fire like ours does – then it would be no contest.

Work on the new ride continues – more bigwigs have been walking through and all have had positive feedback. I think there is certainly more excitement amongst the brass about this new ride than the last one I opened. It is a good thing because it is easier to get other people excited about it.

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