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I didn’t get to back it out but…

I had an awesome time on Sunday. It was great to be back on the boat and I truly will miss it when it comes time to move over to Tomorrowland in the near future. I think I owe the good time to the fact that Kris, Andy, and Vance were all there on the boat. I am fortunate that I get three more shifts on the Columbia next week. I guess it pays to have learned the boat while it was under refurbishment – there are more people with just Twain knowledge than those who know both.

I am diving in headfirst to the Buzz project. I am in the process of developing all sorts of neat documentation as well as taking notes on all sorts of little odds and ends in the attraction. With each day that passes working on the project, I get more and more excited. I think people will be very happy with the ride.

In the midst of my Pooh shift sat night, Diane Keaton was seen running around with her kids with Pooh and Tigger in Pooh Corner. I think she was having the most fun of all.
All the work doesn’t leave much playtime lately. I still have massive amounts of holiday shopping to do before next week’s return to Arizona. In two days Nathan will be here!! I think he is just what the doctor ordered and since I am off on Thursday we get to hang out all night. (OK maybe not all night – he does have a plane to catch on Thurs!)

The end of the road is near on some web projects that have been in the oven for months. Of course the client had TONS of comments at the last minute, but I should be able to hammer most of them out this week. Then what? Maybe I’ll get that idea in my head out into some HTML!

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