Jet Blue vs. American

In my planning for my trip to Boston, I really wanted to fly on JetBlue. I had heard about how nice their planes are as well as the wonderful entertainment selections with DirectTV. I also wanted to experience the convenience of flying in and out of Long Beach vs. LAX. Turns out tho, the cheap $$99 each way fares are hard to come by. American also flys out of Long Beach (just have to connect in Chicago or Dallas) and actually the fares are comparable. I also checked American out of LAX to Boston and found that it was only 10 dollars difference in price.

So it came down to convenience and price vs. Frequent Flyer miles. I actually chose the miles (and the non-stop to Boston) since I really want to get that free ticket to Australia and this trip will put me 3000 miles closer. One thing that does suck is the lack of meal service (unless you want to pay, and really, who would pay for sucky airline food??) and the fact that I have to fly 5+ hours on a 737-800. Oy, I remember flying to Orlando a few years back on that plane. It is a bit cramped compared to the 777 or 757 that I am used to on the international routes.

I am glad to have a nice long weekend away from LA and work and to spend quality time with a good friend on the East Coast in a new state. I hope I can convince Nathan to go to Rhode Island so I can pass 25 states!