Movie Reviews

Be Cool

Dir: F. Gary Gray
2005 Color English 118 Min
Rated PG-13 for violence, sensuality, and language including sexual references

I really wanted to see this movie when I heard it was coming out. I loved Get Shorty, and was hoping for more of the same. The problem with this movie is that it never comes close to the hipness and sharpness of the original. Everything just comes out lame. John Travolta just looks uncomfortable reprising the role of Chili Palmer, the shylock turned movie producer who now wants into the music business.

Also whatever chemistry Uma and John had from Pulp Fiction is gone. Maybe both of them just really didn’t want to be there. At least some of the supporting characters looked like they were having fun. Vince Vaughn’s wannabe black producer shtick is soo 10 years ago. At least the Rock brought some comic relief as the wannabe actor and singer who is forced to drive Vince Vaughn around.

I sure wish Barry Sonnenfeld had directed this movie, I think it possibly would have retained the feel of the original.