The Pope is Dead

People reach out to Pope John Paul II during his 1981 visit to the Philippines. His 104 trips outside Italy made him by far the most widely traveled pope in history. (CNS photo/Catholic Press Photo)

Not being a catholic, it is an interesting experience to live through a death of a Pope. I think my main interest is twofold: First, seeing how all of the catholics react to the death of the church, and second, seeing all of the ceremony and processes to select a new pope – something that has changed little since the founding of the church. Another thing that intrigues me is who the next pope will be? Will it be someone from Africa or South America? An Italian? Will he be someone progressive about things like abortion and women in the church or will he be more conservative?

At any rate Pope John Paul II’s shoes will be hard to fill. He was charismatic, beloved, and respected by many. He really is the only pope I remember.
In local news, I am just getting over a nasty bug. I think everyone at the new Buzz ride has gotten sick since it opened. I am not sure if it is the hand sanitizer or just the enclosed space with thousands of people every hour passing by. I dunno. At any rate, yesterday was my first day back after being off two regular days and calling in for two days.

I am glad to get over it now since I am due to head to Boston next week! I can’t wait to get a real non-sick vacation!