Boston Day 3

So after waking up to the mess in the sink and realizing that there was no water to be had, Nathan and I basically sat around until the water came back up. I then spent some quality time at the sink in the bathroom making things right again.

After some showers, we were off to Plymouth, MA. Along the way, we passed some nice areas – I can only imagine what they look like in the fall with all the leaves on the trees rather than just bare branches as they look now. We stopped for lunch at Baja Fresh, and actually made it there in about 45 minutes. Everything is so close!

I had been warned not to expect much from the actual rock itself, so I was surprised to find it in this out-of-place looking stone structure at the beach. I snapped some quick Gorn photos then it was off to see the Mayflower II – a recreation of the original ship. We opted not to pay the $8 for the cheesy museum, and just posed for photos. We then did a quick walk around town. It seems that it was just getting ready for tourist season, and most of the major attractions were closed or empty. I actually liked that – no crowds to deal with. I can see why people love the cape so much – I bet it is tre-fabulous in the summer. One of Nathan’s friends (and Nathan too) has told me I MUST come back in the summer to experience it.

We then headed back to the apartment for a nap and then off to dinner at Jae’s – sort of a Japanese fusion place with a great steak (despite the fact they were out of the Filet). A quick dessert stop and we headed back to the apartment to watch a movie and then turn in. Nathan is a Netflix junkie. I think I might have to sign up – it’s so easy! A very low-key day, which was a perfect, follow up to Friday night.

Tomorrow its up early and then off to NH and Maine!