The Fourth is Busy

I somehow managed to survive the Fourth of July at the park. The last few years, it hasn’t really been an issue with me. People always say that the Fourth is one of the busiest days at the park. Also, people were telling me due to the three day weekend, the Third would actually be the busiest day. Man were they wrong.

It certainly was the roughest night I ever had dealing with guests. Now mind you, I have been working at the park for almost four years now and have had more than a few guests get into my face about one thing or another. This year, with the new fireworks and the special patriotic finale, the guests were adamant about watching the fireworks wherever they want. It really is a tough thing to deal with – think about it. Guests pay to get in the park (and on this day especially) to see the fireworks and feel they should see them wherever they can find a good spot. On the other hand, we need to keep certain areas clear for through traffic so that people don’t get log jammed and then start to panic. Needless to say, guest control is one of my least favorite parts of the job.

Other than that, work has been going well. I didn’t ever hear back on some positions I applied for, but then again there might be more opportunities down the road.

Also, Vance and I have bought our tickets to Hong Kong! We also scored tickets to the park the day after opening (the first full day of operation), but we still have an outside chance of scoring tickets to one of the preview days that will be happening while we are there.

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