Friends / Home Life


July 13th was a benchmark day for me in two ways. First off, some background. It is summer season at the park now and for the most part I am working at night (although recently I have started opening on the weekends). Being a creature of bad habits, since I’ve started working 4-ish to 1am-ish, my schedule has been wake up at noon, go to work, come home from work and stay up a few hours, go to bed, repeat. So basically for five days out of the week, I get nothing done. No time to update the web site, go grocery shopping, clean the apartment, nada. Lately, I have been making an effort to try and get some small chores done here and there just so I don’t get ridiculously behind.

So I was in one of those automatic days when I checked my e-mail and got a note from Susie saying that her boyfriend proposed to her and that she actually was going to get married. I was convinced that the world was in for some serious repercussions from these events. I am really happy for her though – she seems to have found a really nice guy. Of course that leaves me as one of the few of my college friends who are single and all together unattached. Granted, I was in a long-term relationship until a few years ago, so maybe I’m just ahead of the curve.

Therefore I was walking out of the door of my apartment feeling all bummed out about my single-ness when an envelope fell to the ground. I picked it up and lo and behold it was a note from my apartment complex that they are jacking up my rent $110 a month if I renew a year lease.

Suddenly, not only am I alone, but now I really have to seriously consider moving. I already pay close to too much (if you look at the salary-rent ratio), and the extra $110 is just a bit much for me, especially considering I don’t exactly live in the nicest part of town, and some of my fellow residents are, shall we say, less than stellar. Well there is the one neighbor who just put in hardwood floors and drives a Mercedes, so all is not lost.

Here is the final kicker: My lease is up on September 6. I just bought a plane ticket to Hong Kong for September 8. Perhaps I should sell everything and move to Hong Kong? Whatever I decide, I have about 15 days to make the decision. I have lots of hand wringing and sleepless nights ahead.
Well at least Susie is getting married. Maybe I’ll just go live with her. I think there is a wacky sitcom in there somewhere??