Home Life

Late Night McFlurry

When I used to drive all the way home from work to Studio City every night, I raced to get to the McDonald’s on Riverside and Lankershim before 12 midnight. That is when the Ice Cream Machine at McDonald’s goes into self-clean mode for the night. I guess they want to make sure that they have the ice cream ready in case someone wants a hot fudge sundae with their hot cakes at 6am. When I raced to get my McFlurry, I almost always got there a little after 12. Sometimes the attendant would tell me that they still had it, only to wait in the drive-thru for 10 minutes and discover that they didn’t.

I had a hankering’ for an Oreo McFlurry the other night. It had been awhile since I actually went to a McDonald’s after work and when I pulled in I looked at my watch. It was 12:10. I didn’t really have the money to get food and a McFlurry, but I asked anyways. Sure enough, the Ice Cream machine was in self-clean mode. Damn you Ice Cream Machine!!