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Anxiety and Taxes

Before I left for Australia, I had done my taxes on the free Turbo Tax site. This is the first time in 7 years that I can fill out the 1040EZ since I did no business with SeaGranite last year. I had a number in my head for how much I owed on the taxes and when I logged in today to finish them up, I realized it was only half of what I owe. Gadzooks! I need to figure out a way to change my W2s so that this doesn’t happen every year.

So now I have the debt of the trip plus the debt of taxes hanging over my head. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact my car lease is up next month. Personally, I can’t believe I have been driving the CR-V for four years, but I guess time flies when you have a mostly trouble-free car. The worst part is that I don’t know what I am going to do. I had planned to trade it in and get something else, but there really is nothing out there that excites me other than cars I can’t afford. I’d love to get a hybrid (and no not so I can be smug) but at the same time, I love driving the CR-V. So I might just end up refinancing the balance of the payments and then waiting until something that catches my eye comes out. (Editor’s note: As I was in the process of writing this, the American Honda folks called and wanted to know what I wanted to do with my car, they offered to extend my lease up to 24 months! It is on a month-to-month basis so it gives me plenty of time to find something else and wait for all the new cool things that are coming out in the fall! Gloom factor reduced!)

If that is not enough, I am still in limbo over my future plans at work. Next week is a big week, but my senses are telling me it might be another week before all is said and done and I know what the heck I will be doing in the near future. I hate the uncertainty of all of it. Of course, I should know better since I just returned from vacation. I must say, the longer the vacation, the more dramatic a shift in my life happens. The past month has been HUGE. It does feel like 2003 all over again (eww!) but I think I am stronger person inside and I just have to stay focused.

All is not doom and gloom in the world of Club Josh. There are three people that have really been guiding lights and have made the last month bearable. Chris, Coder, and Sean have all provided support when I needed it. Sean has been a busy bee, but has offered what little time he’s had to chat and provide advice. Coder, well, we just call him the Columbus of Curacao now and he really doesn’t like Mr. Romanaov at all. Finally, there has been Chris. My beacon from Brisbane who makes me laugh and gets me out of the deepest funk. It is rare that I actually make new friends and to have three this year is just amazing.

Speaking of friends, I really miss my out of town friends. I yearn for the good old days when we all lived close and could drive over to each other’s house and have a lazy day or a party to remember. At least we are all in the same country now. We have to figure out a way to all get together again. Mark is getting married in November and I think that might be the best opportunity yet.

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