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Fourth of July Weekend Wrap Up

Quite the social weekend for me as my brother and most of his family were in town. I met up with them and my dad, step-mom, aunt, and grandma and headed down to San Diego to visit my sister and brother-in-law. She’s very pregnant expecting a bundle of joy sometime in August. We decided to head down there via Amtrak – that’s right sometimes in Southern California we do take the train!

The trip down was fairly pleasant with the highlight being some hijinks that granny caused in the bathroom. Without going into details, let’s just say we pretty much laughed the whole way down. We arrived at the terminal in San Diego where Ray met us with his Church Van. This thing holds 11 people + comfortably. We were chauffeured down to Little Italy where we attempted to eat at a highly recommended eatery, only to bail after it was discovered they were closing in 15 minutes and the only place to eat was out back on the patio in the sun with no breeze. Ray managed to score some extra cash by giving some people a lift who were a bit too drunk to make it back to where they needed to go and then returned to pick us up. We decided to head closer to their house and finally settled on another Italian restaurant in San Marcos. The verdict was that the pizza was very good, but the pasta and salads left something to be desired. We then headed over to Sarah and Ray’s to chill out for an hour or so before we headed back to catch the train in Oceanside for our trip home.

When we returned to the Fullerton station, Dad and associates headed back home while my brother and family expressed a desire to walk around work, so off we went. We arrived right as the fireworks started and managed to quickly make it over to ride the re-vamped Pirates ride. It was OK, but I didn’t think it was all that special. I also took them on Mansion to check out the attic update and then it was over to Space and Buzz for the usual Tomorrowland fix. By then I had to leave (it was 11:45 anyways) because I had to work early in the morning.
The next day, my brother and family came down again to check out the Company discount store where they picked up some souvenirs and gifts at great prices. I snagged a new lanyard (just what I need) of Mickey in his Hardhat since I thought it would go well with the work I am doing nowadays on the project.

Today the whole gang (Dad, Dianne, Ryan, Kevin and fam) headed out to the Home Depot Center to watch the LA Galaxy face the NY Red Bulls. I thought the Red Bulls was a fake team like the Washington Generals were to the Harlem Globetrotters, but alas they are a real team which the Galaxy beat. Ryan is a soccer nut and an accomplished player and told me that the players were not very good and put up with me asking dumb questions about the action. I think the World Cup is way more interesting to watch than MLS. The crowd was pretty sparse, but managed to get pretty loud when the Galaxy scored towards the end of the game. After, we were treated to a fireworks show (definitely not a Fireworks Spectacular that I am used too). Overall, it was a fun night out and I am glad that my schedule at work finally allows me to hang out with the family more.

Now it’s off to Glendale tomorrow for a big meeting. I am excited I get to tour the friendly confines of WDI!