Home Life

Still Bleeding

So the stitches are gone. 11 removed by the doctor and one decided it didn’t really want to be in the place it was at decided to leave on its own accord. I respect its decision. I have had some problems with the largest area (home to 8 stitches!). This area had to be steri-taped by the doctor since she felt it was still sensitive. This area also tends to ooze and leak blood (or puss or god knows what) in small amounts – but enough that after a long day working in a white shirt tends to look bad. So today the bandages came back and it still managed to leak through. I am going to try the mondo bandage that I stopped using a week ago to see if it helps. I am not sure why I am still having this issue, but needless to say and to ease Mom’s concerns, I will go back to the doctor if it gets any worse or does not improve over the next week. Part of the problem is that I have been working through all of this with little or no down time. The things we do for beauty.

My expedition to WDI was pretty fun and I am glad I got to walk in yet another place that Walt used to roam inspiring his artists to give their best. I kept having to put my eyeballs back into my head with so much to see, but none of which can be publicly discussed. Just know that it is all very cool and there are some very talented people that work there.

Overall work has been very challenging with working on two attractions at once. The one thing I need to work on is delegating to other people and trusting that they will give their best. I guess I just want everything to be the best that it can be.