Club Josh

The 700 Club

There are now 700 entries on the Daily Update. Considering I started it back in 2000, I thought there would be a lot more but I’ve gotten over the post for the sake of posting thing. (OK, well maybe except this post – ha). I do suffer from a sense of frustration in that there have been things in my life that I wanted to post about but either got lazy or out of the posting habit and they never ended up here.

So what is Josh’s blog frustration 2006? There are so many tools and tricks for Movable Type that I’ve completely been passed up and I get the feeling that it might be awhile before I catch up. Sometimes I wish I was working in an office again because I’d have more time to analyze the site and work on it without all the other distractions that abound at home.

Oh and the real reason behind this post is that there was a glitch in my MT CGI that was throwing the post engine to the wrong server. So hopefully this post will successfully prove that I fixed it.