Club Josh

2006 Recap

Looking back on the past year, I can honestly say it was a pretty good year. I always get nervous saying things like that because invariably the other shoe drops and things just snowball downhill. But some pretty amazing things happened to me this year and only a smattering of negatives cropped up. I hope 2007 is the year that things go to the next level on several fronts.

Highlights of 2006:
Australia with Mom and Gary (which contained many, many moments in itself)
Meeting Charo, Bob Iger, and Ed Grier
Seeing Matt and Steve again
Two brand new states
Two friends getting married
A Lead at Buzz
Project Lead!!

The passing of my grandfather
Cyst removal and the ensuing scar
Weight gain from cyst removal
Stupid Left eye
Manhattan size earwax removal

Hmm it might seem like I had a plethora of health issues this past year, but in fact I did not miss a single day of work due to sickness this year. Even when I had the cyst removed I did it over my weekend and thus was back to work the next day – although I did bleed through a few Buzz costumes. I also gained at least 10 pounds from inactivity and probably age related issues. For the first time in years I am actively pursuing ways to loose weight. I am over 200lbs for the first time in my life and I would love to be back in the 180s. I will try and eat better and walk more. I will see how it goes and if push comes to shove I will bite the bullet and get a personal trainer so I look hot and cute for the attraction premiere in June.

I do miss my grandfather Bill, but I do know that he is in a MUCH better place than where he was the last few years of his life suffering from a form of Parkinson’s and other muscular degeneration.

As for travel, I did visit a new country and two new states in 2006. I did not get a chance to see Kris or Nathan, but I did see Alex and Mark for the first time in ages. Susie and Mark got married this year (not to each other, but to fine spouses) and I could not be happier for both of them. It always makes me reflect on my relationships, but I know my time will come someday and it is not something I really want to rush.

So here is to 2007! It looks like the first 6 months will be VERY interesting and full of things to learn.