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New Year’s 2007

New Years 2007
It has been a few years since I posted my list of things I have done on New Year’s Eve, so I figured that it was time:
1990-1995 Disneyland
1995-6 Universal CityWalk
1996/7 Disneyland
1997/8 Club Universe
1998/9 Dad’s House
1999/2000 The crazy disco Hollywood sign affair
2000/1 Santa Barbara
2001/2 Working at Disneyland
2002/3 Working at Disneyland/Horrible Club in Hollywood
2003/4- Quality Time at Home
2004/5 – Sick at Home
2005/6 – Working at Buzz
2006/7 – Quality Time at Home

I think I should plan on doing something next year. I am overdue for going out and having a blast ringing in the new year. I should note that it was sad to see Dick Clark struggling to speak on the set of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. I think it is just a matter of time before this constant in my life is gone.

My brother, his wife and my nephew braved the New year’s crowd at Disneyland. I was a bit jealous – I had wanted to go with them, but these days I like to spend my weekends recharging rather than going all out.

As for New Year’s resolutions, I am still working on them, but I think I am going to give up candy. In the last few months in the office I have been snacking on them a lot so I really want to cut it down.

I will reflect on 2006 a bit later.