Serious Consumer Lust

In direct competition with my desire to get my financial house in order, this week will prove to be a tough challenge. Three of the biggest events that appeal to me will occur this week and I will have to be very restrained!

First up is the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. I love cars, especially new ones and concepts of what is to come. Edmunds really got me hooked on these auto shows and I can’t wait to see what is coming down the horizon. Of course, all I really want is an Acura RDX, but until they have some sweet leasing plans, I think my next vehicle might be an updated CR-V. Volvo will be introducing the Volvo CX-60 which is on par with the CR-V, but I think it is based on that Mazda CX-7 and Ford Edge platform. I also really like the new BMW 3-series convertible with the retractable hard top. At any rate this show is something I will be watching closely.

Second up is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I am dying to see what the latest and greatest gadgets galore are going to be. Also, I want to see if there area any cool TVs coming out soon. I really am not in the market for one since I love my 36″ Sony, but it weighs 250 pounds and it would be nice to have something nice to hang on the wall or on a stand to give my front room a more elegant look.

Finally, the Macword Expo in San Francisco promises to be full of electronic goodness. I have a 2+ year old iPod that is not even in color and it would be nice to upgrade to something that plays video. I am hoping there will be the full screen iPod soon. Paul keeps trying to convince me to look at Mac computers, and I am not opposed to one since Daniel has one so I can get some good software. My issue is that they are pricey and I still think I can get a better PC equivalent. On the other hand, after reading about Microsoft Vista, I am not to keen on getting it. So time will tell. I think my other issue is that I have both a desktop and a laptop so I would have to decide if I wanted a new Mac desktop or a laptop.

Never mind the fact I cannot afford any such expenditure. This is all about lust anyways isn’t it?